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When Is an Adapt Lab Invaluable?

You or your team is facing a strategic challenge—a leadership change, a strategic initiative, a new marketing campaign, organizational controversy, or a health and safety issue like the Covid-19 pandemic, to name a few. Here are some key scenarios in which the Adapt Lab has significant impact.

You are a leader who would like to strengthen your strategy by:

Your team is facing a strategic challenge and there isn’t time to:

The Adapt Lab is a laser-focused process that moves you or your team from your strategic challenge to a visual, shareable action plan. The labs are held for a minimum of 6 hours with the flexibility to conduct in one day, two half days or another preferred configuration.

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How the Adapt Lab Works

Set the vision
Begin with your goal and how you want to achieve it
Assess how you operate and focus on the key areas critical to your success
Examine REsources
Evaluate your existing and potential resources and determine who can deliver on your vision
Determine audiences, messages, methods, channels and timing
Identify your key stakeholders and plan how you’ll manage potential challenges with them
Develop an
Action plan
Create an Action Plan based on your top priorities

Why Adapt?

Adapt’s professionals have combined experience in management consulting, communications, design and technology.

This lab is designed to be a high-touch, digital, visual, collaborative experience.

We create plans of action that are easy to share with all constituents.

Adapt remains engaged beyond the delivery of the action plan to support your successful implementation.

Our agile approach is led by senior talent who value frequent, responsive communications.


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